Generative listening, generative dialogue, collective wholeness.  When we give, we receive.  We listen to a voice that desires to be heard; the speaker holds up a mirror for us to better hear our own truth.   We listen for hope, and we strengthen our own in the story we hear.  We hear the power of healing; we further heal ourselves. Compassion, dignity, faith, life-giving hope.   A reciprocity between the story teller and the story listener.     

I would like to say that I found Hope Has a Cold Nose as my leadership project.   I believe it also found me.  I initially chose this as my demonstration of what I’ve learned in this program because I could not conceive of a better exhibit of servant-leadership than to serve those who have so selflessly served their belief in freedom and in humanity.  I felt it was an application of many of the servant-leadership characteristics, such as listening and empathy.   I have come to realize that most of all, it provides me the opportunity to demonstrate a congruency in how I desire to lead and in who I am.


I am passionate about holistic healing and wish to inspire and increase awareness about alternative healing methodologies.   I also believe deeply that though we can’t prevent nor change life-altering experiences, we can choose to make why they happened matter.  I am always moved by the strength of the human spirit in how it finds the will to give purpose to the darkest times.    I am writing Hope Has a Cold Nose to be a voice for the stories of brave men and women who have dug deep within to find their own strength to not give up, that this book can reach and inspire others who are not certain they can continue stepping forward.   And, I am writing this book to advocate for those journeying with PTSD that society will pause, ask to hear stories, and gently listen without judgment or fear.   We struggle to look pain, trauma,  sorrow, and despair in the eyes, and yet, for those whose voices continue to grow fainter, we have a responsibility as humanity to find the courage to listen.  When we listen, the additional gift is we will find the ability to heal ourselves and change the course of history for the better by breaking the cycles of pain, trauma, sorrow, despair, and grief.  My intent is to advocate for and increase understanding, foster compassion and dignity, and create ...hope.  For twenty-two individuals a day, yes!  And for so many more!   Many lives depend on a change of heart and new actions taken.     My hope is to be one of the many change agents needed. 



Manuscript update:  Twenty-two stories are either completed, or in process for Hope Has a Cold Nose.  In April (2020), investigation and initiation of traditional publishing/ self-publishing steps will begin.   

Objective: To raise awareness and understanding about the positive impact of service animals in the support and recovery of individuals journeying with pain, trauma, sorrow, and despair (PTSD).

Reader Review:

As a direct result of this book, I see through a new set of eyes and feel with a more understanding heart. I admit to feeling irritation and confusion after witnessing a dog accompanying an adult ,in public, with no obvious physical disability.   Although I am a dog lover I felt this was crossing the line. Christine’s retelling of the stories of these Brave Soldiers and their individual struggles to adapt to civilian life taught me much. The fact that the Soldier, as well as the dog they were eventually paired with, managed to save each other was extremely powerful and left me thankful for these new eyes and open heart.

 -S. Dobos


On the journey of writing Hope Has a Cold Nose, I have been blessed to have my path cross with many wonderful organizations who have bravely and unwaveringly looked grief, pain, trauma, sorrow, and/or despair in the eye and made a vow to tirelessly focus on being a beacon of compassion, dignity, and hope for humans, and for souls in fur   Please visit the tab "Communities of Support" to learn more. 

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